A party of feelings! - For children from 3 years

Eine Kooperation von FUORI (A) und thank you for the compliments (CH)

Performance and choreography: Mor Dovrat, Luigi Guerrieri, Christina Rauchbauer
Stage and costumes design: Anne-Sophie Raemy Dramaturgical supervision and choreography: Joachim Schlömer
Music: Stefano D´Alessio
Voice training: Eva Königer
Production: Kira Koplin, Juliane Seifert
Assistent: Stella Radovan

GrrrrrRoooooarrr! It’s rumbling in the stomach. A feeling is rising. It wants to show itself, wants to tell the world how you feel! But how? We sing about disgust, dance about panic, celebrate the drama queens and enjoy emotional surprises as explosions and gentle melodies! We laugh with tears, sing with anger and feel the energy of emotions in dynamic choreographies. We celebrate the fact that we feel and emphatically explore how feelings travel through our bodies and express themselves in all facets. Let’s celebrate a big party together where joy, fear, sadness and anger are invited as guests.


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