Ole Ole Ole

An ode to the football pitch
©Francesca Centonze

Concept and Direction: Christina Rauchbauer
Choreography and Performance: Simone Kühle, Mary Peer, Christina Rauchbauer
Video: Francesca Centonze
Music: Stefano D’Alessio
Costumes: Lila Scheibelhofer
External Eye: Luigi Guerrieri
Production: Siglind Güttler, Bernhard Werschnak

Performance locations: Fussballkäfig Einsiedlerpark, Henriettenplatz and Hannovermarkt.

Supported by: SHIFT Basis Kultur Wien, BMKOES, Museumsbund, WUK Wien​

OLEEEE reverberates from the football pitch, when performers and soccer players play on new terrain together and sing an ode to it. They absorb the atmosphere of the pitch, use it and transform it into a dynamic language of movement, somewhere between dance and football. Emotions of the match invite you to fly and fall, culminating in acrobatic stunts that are reminiscent of slow motion moments of great games and invite you to fantastic daydreams. The players merge into a mutually reinforcing super team body, celebrate physical exertion in public spaces and encourage each other to expand their radius of action.

This site-specific performance was created in eight months of participatory research in football pitches – we played with users, held workshops and experienced the pitch as a self-regulating microcosm that easily invites you to kick and dance together.

©Francesca Centonze